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Generator Diesel – 30 kVA

Generator Diesel – 30 kVA

Our 30 kVA diesel generators are robust units you can hire for all your power needs and are cost-effective, efficient and reliable. Fully enclosed sets with very compact design, water cooled- so will run in hot conditions, Super Quiet-fully enclosed soundproof canopy, remote start and a 3-way fuel valve that allows for the use of an external tank to minimise refuelling.
This 30 kVA diesel generator provides the added benefit of featuring true three phase output and for a multitude of three phase appliances. This means you can connect single phase and three phase appliances to the one generator- perfect for both 240V and 415V appliances. Suited for larger loads found in job sites, industrial machinery, commercial or farming. Or as standby/backup generator for homes or office buildings.

Daily Rate$147.02 + gst
Weekly Rate (per day)$42.11 + gst
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  • Model: GEN33FT
  • Prime kVa: 32.3
  • Standby kVa: 35
  • Prime kW: 24
  • Standby kW: 26
  • Easy to use Comp-AP Controller with Remote Start & ATS Plug
  • Water Cooled
  • Power Factor: 0.8
  • Amps: 48A
  • Voltage: 415V
  • Class of rating: Standby
  • Alternator: Stamford Alternator Copy (Dingol)
  • Number of phase: 3
  • Number of cylinder: 4
  • Speed: 1500 RPM
  • Fuel tank: 145 Ltrs
  • Fuel consumption: 4.7 L/H (100% LOAD)
  • Estimated run time: 24 HOURS (75% LOAD)
  • Bunded fuel tank: YES
  • Emergency stop: YES
  • Australian standards: YES
  • Fully enclosed sound proof canopy: YES
  • noise level: 63 DbA @ 7M
  • Outlets: 3 X 15 AMP (240V),1 X 32 AMP (415V)
  • Recommended oil; 15W40
  • Dimensions: 200cm x 90cm x 119cm
  • Weight: 950kg

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