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Forklift 10t – Diesel Container Mast

Forklift 10t – Diesel Container Mast

H200 series Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklift Truck

HELI newly developed 6ton/8ton/10ton the container inner operation forklift truck is designed specially for people to handle cargos in containers.

The product also can be used in height limit space (e.g. cabin of vessel) to load/unload cargo.

Daily Rate$400.00 + gst
Weekly Rate (per day)$166.00 + gst
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10T Advantages

> Low height of truck is suitable for container working; narrow truck body enhance truck maneuverability.
> The truck is comfortable for operation and seat space satisfy the requirements of GB/T5143-2018.
> Low dashboard height improves operator's view effectively.
> New design of radiator with superior cooling performance satisfies the requirements of working in container, cabin and places with poor ventilation.
> Full hydraulic power brake needs small operation force and it is safe and reliable.
> Electro-hydraulic directional control is convenient for operation.
> Steering axle with buffer device ensures good damping effect.
> 2-stage mast is standard and full-free 2-stage mast and side shifter are optional.